Redefine Your Disorder: Meet Abby


When it comes to pressing the conversation on our mental health, it’s important to shatter this idea of stigma that surrounds mental health. An organization that really focuses on this is Break Yo Stigma. They focus on breaking the shameful stigma that many people face when talking about their mental health conditions. They recently did a campaign with Abby Johnson called “Redefine: Your Disorder.” Abby is a 21 year old from Minnesota who is studying to get her psychology degree at school in Wisconsin. From there, she wants to attend graduate school where she hopes to research and teach about discrimination and inclusivity.

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Because she lives with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and also manages Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter, she started to realize that the way academia approached and taught mental health was much different than physical health. She wanted to change this and began by reaching out to different mental health organizations which led her to create Redefine: Your Disorder. She wants to change the way mental health is portrayed in class rooms. “My brain chemistry used to be something I hated every day. But now, with my campaign, medication, and some nitty gritty psychotherapy, it’s my favorite. My biggest hope is that anyone that joins my campaign (or is impacted by the message I send) will be able to say the same in their own journey.”



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